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Make A Commitment


You can be a part of something big by making a commitment to kindness. Make, Teach, Help. Make a commitment to create kind moments for yourself and others. Teach others with your example. It's a fact kindness is contagious. Help spread kindness with your actions, your words and with the information you share on social media. Follow us on FACEBOOK to help make your days a little kinder! 

Teach By Doing


Locally, nationally and internationally, the Kindness Tree Movement is a movement to help us focus on the good from others. See the world in a positive light. Kindness Tree Movement is a reminder to observe and perform kind acts. It's a way to show your commitment to benevolence, spread the word and share the excitement of kind acts to allow the cycle to continue . 

Help Spread Kindness


Kindness Tree Movement t-shirts feature unique artwork designed by founder Connie Weller and each purchase gives back to charity. Kindness Tree Cards feature an original watercolor print created by founder, Connie Weller on the front and a message about your commitment to kindness on the back. 

About Me

Kindness Spreads. Together, we are mighty!

Texas March 2016


Making the best of being away from the family. A little shopping for cowboy boots.

Facebook Post March 2, 2016


 So I wasn't sure I wanted to post but it's best most know. As of now, I will not be on my flight home tomorrow. Long story short, I'm in the ER where I'm waiting to speak to a neurologist about a mass discovered in the back of my brain. Yes, this is not a March 2nd fools joke. My sense of humor still exists so whatever is in there it hasn't affected the most important thing. :)
Don't feel bad for me. Feel positive. There are a lot men in this ER, sorry babe. :)
I was given a steroid to reduce inflammation. Waiting a MRI. Each day you never know what you'll need to overcome. 

March 5, 2016 Post Surgery


My tumor was removed. The surgery went well. My husband (pictured) and brother flew out to be with me.

March 9, 2016


On our way, 1400 miles home. Not allowed to fly. 

Little Rock or bust!!!
Pathology report back BENIGN!!!!  

Home & Healing


I was doing well.

March 19, 2016


Huge set back. Trip to local ER. Temporary shunt placed to relieve excess fluid from brain.

Available for Corporate, School or Private Events

Whether you are looking for a motivational speaker for your office or an uplifting speaker to share the power of goodness to students, I'd be happy to speak to you and design a lecture and event that meets your needs. Custom designed t-shirts available for participants! I look forward to hearing from you via email at connie@connieweller.com.

A Heart Felt Thank You!

A long thank you after my second hospital stay after arriving home in April 2016!